Selasa, 05 Juni 2012

Contoh Recount "Traveling To Kukup Beach"

Traveling To Kukup Beach
Last holiday, I and my family went to kukup beach. I left my house at 8am. I and my family went to kukup beach by car. I arrived at kukup at 12am. A long the road, the view was very beautiful, wonderfull, I saw tree, I see jogja city because we surpassed wonosari. Wonosari is the mountainous area or highland. So we can see the city below it.
After I arrived at kukup, I and my family ate at “SEAFOOD” . Next, we played water, and look the view, because view at kukup is verry beautiful. At 13pm I and my family prayed in mosquato. And we continued playing water, see the fish at kukup beach. After that, we changed clothes. I and my family ate “IKAN BAKAR” or roasted fish. And finally, we went house.
I was very happy to have holiday at kukup beach. That day was very beautiful. I hope, I can visit it again.

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