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Drama Bahasa Ingggris

There are a couple of bestfriend. Their name are Airen and Sopia. One day, they are going to the cinema to watch a movie.
Sopia: ”Hey, Airen! You’re driving too fast.”
Airen: “Well, we are in hurry. The movie will start in few minutes, I don’t want to be late!”
Sopia: “Yeah, I know. But slow down, please! I worry that we will get an accident!”
Airen: “Relax Sopia! You know that I’m a good driver.”
Sopia: “Oh, really? I think a good driver won’t driving too fast like you, right?! Haha!!”

 Airen: “Hehe.. Don’t talk too much, you break my concentration. Don’t worry, well gonna be allright..”
Sopia: “Yup,ok! But I give you a warning. Someday, a cop will catch you!”
Airen: “Nyenyenye.. Ok, take it easy.”

Suddenly, they hear a familiar sound.. “Ngiung, ngiung, ngiung..”

Airen: “Do you hear that sound?”
Sopia: “What? Um.. Yes, I do. What do you think about that sound?”
Airen: “What do I think? Oh, come on! Even a child know, that this sound is Police sirine?!!”

Sopia and Airen get shock!

Airen: “Oh,damn! What must we do now?”
Sopia: “Let’s runaway! Turn the speed up!!” (panic)

Airen move up the speed.

Police woman: “Hey, stop! Don’t runaway! You do a mistake!”

They’re success to be escape. But suddenly, their car is break down. They’ve been force to quit. They get catch.

Police woman: “Ehm, good afternoon Miss! Where are you going? Try to runaway? Do you realize  that you’re driving too fast?”
Airen: “Uh! Yes, but we’re in hurry, Ma’am. We will watch a movie, and the movie will start in few minutes.”
Police woman: “But, you still forbidden to driving too fast! May I see your driving lisence?”
Airen: “Ok, wait a minute..”
Sopia: (whisper) “You don’t have a driving lisence, right?!”
Airen: “Ssttt!”
Police woman: “What? You don’t have that?”
Airen: “No, I just don’t bring that.”
Police woman: “Lame! So, I have to write your name, your address, your phone number,....”

But, appear a motorcycle, the driver is not wear a helmet, she is driving too fast too. The police woman stop that motorcycle.

Police woman: “Stop! Why are you don’t wear a helmet?”
Sopia: “Airen, let’s runaway!”
Airen: “Ok, let’s go!!”
Airen and Sopia success to be escape. The police woman become so angry.

Police woman: “Hey, where are you going? Stop! Shit!”

The motorcycle try to runaway too, but the police woman catch her.

Police woman: “Stay here! Why are you don’t wear a helmet? And you’re driving too fast too! May I see your driving lisence?”
Andini: “I don’t have that..” (calm)
Police woman: “Ok, now you must follow me to the Police Station.”
Andini: “I don’t want. My father is a chief executive police. So you must let me escape!”
Police woman: “Oh, really? What’s your name, and your father name?”
Andini: “I’m Andini, my father is Letkol Johny.”
Police woman: “Ok, now you must still follow me to the Police Station.”
Andini: “I’ll report you to my father, you will get fire, or I’ll make you to be in jail!!” (panic)
Police woman: “I don’t care..”
Andini: “No, please! Ok, I’ll give you some money, this is Rp. 100.000,-”
Police woman: “Don’t want.”
Andini: “No! I’ll give you more money, whatever you want!! Please, don’t bring me to the Police Station!”
Police woman: “No, I must bring you to the Police Station!”
Andini: “Argh!!” (give up)

Finnally, Andini have been force to follow that Police woman to the Police Station, whereas Airen and Sopia are escape.

The End

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